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Commercial property auction market: Looking ahead

Episode Summary

Looking ahead in the commercial property auction market. The third of a series of three podcasts reviewing the Commercial Property Market in the last six months from an Auctioneers’ perspective.

Episode Notes

Allsop LLP’s partner and auctioneer George Walker speaks to Jo Seth-Smith Fund Manager from OLIM Property.

In the final episode; indicators are pointing to an improving market, with buyers having the cash and budget to spend. The demand is there but what of supply? And what do the political consequences potentially hold for the property industry?

Whilst the market remains uncertain, there is proven demand, we discuss how this might continue going forward, in spite of the political turmoil at our door on a daily basis. Property is a long term proposition, and is therefore likely to ride out this wave and continue delivering returns to investors. We look at how to balance the risk and reward of an asset by careful stock selection.


This year so far Allsop has sold £300m of assets, at a success rate of 83%, with 78 of the total lots sold at £1 million or above.

Full details of the analysis and overview of results from four of Allsop LLP’ major commercial UK property auctions sales in 2019, can be found in our publication online: Allsop commercial auction summer market review

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